I’m not confused, I’m just not paying attention. B.S. in English composition, Maryland driving instructor, and mental health advocate.

Updated monthly — September 2021

This is my face

Welcome to my little slice of Medium! I am a 25 year old teacher currently living in Maryland with my husband and our dog. I’ve been a professional writer for around three years now, both in personal essay as well as creative writing styles.

I write primarily about mental health…

And why it’s problematic for great employees

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

The Covid-19 pandemic sent hundreds of thousands of people home in March 2020 from their corporate careers. Many people who had worked their regular nine-to-fives were suddenly thrown into the work-from-home (WFH) lifestyle.

Today in November 2021, the pandemic is still in full swing but many people are finally going…

Submission guidelines for this pub — Updated 10/2021

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Greetings! Welcome to Mental Health Day. I’m so glad you’re here and interested in helping me create a meaningful mental health publication.

What we publish

Mental Health Day is dedicated to giving people a voice when they need it. Sometimes we all need to vent about something bothering us, do a little deep-dive…

M. R. Clark

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