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I’m not confused, I’m just not paying attention. Editor & creator of Mental Health Day

“The Woman From Uruguay” by Pedro Mairal, translated to English by Jennifer Croft comes out later this month

The author’s copy of the novel; gifted by Emily Fishman at Bloomsbury Publishing

In his internationally adored short novel, Latin American author Pedro Mairal writes the breathtaking and enticing story of Lucas, a writer who takes a day trip to Uruguay one Tuesday in September from his home in Buenos Aires.

Lucas is married and together they have one young son. Lucas loves his wife, but he feels that she is distancing herself from him and keeping something from him. Meanwhile, he’s doing the exact same to her.

Lucas travels to Uruguay for the day (a suspicious act at customs) to get a $15,000 advance for a novel that he’s supposed to be…

And why you should go pick them up too

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Any English major can tell you they are a convincing bullshitter. I took dozens of literature courses for my degree and was assigned even more books to read. Did I read any of these books? Some, yes but most, no. Did I graduate with a decent GPA and write papers and give presentations on these books I didn’t read? Yes, yes I did. And so did many of my classmates and colleagues.

I was talking to a friend the other night and she asked for some book suggestions. She’s been getting really into fiction lately, whereas most of what I…

From one new gamer to all the rest, give Miitopia a try

When Nintendo announced the release of Miitopia, a role-playing game where players can literally create every single playable and non-playable character, it intrigued me. I bought it for my Switch when released and pressed play.

“Hang the Moon” by Alexandria Bellefleur made me like romance

Author’s copy of the book; gifted by Emily Fisher at HarperCollins

I wouldn’t call myself a hopeless romantic, but I read Alexandria Bellefleur’s queer rom-com in one sitting. I absolutely could not put this book down. I was completely encapsulated with the way Bellefleur wrote. She utilizes a third-person omniscient narration style which allows the reader to gain perspective not only from one protagonist, but two.

Hang the Moon tells the story of Annie, a travelling HR professional, who makes a short pit stop in Seattle to visit her childhood best friend, Darcy. While in town, Annie catches up with Darcy’s younger brother, Brendon, and is all but smitten with him…

I had a reality check, maybe you need one too

Photo by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash

I work as a drivers education teacher, and for the last year I’ve been working exclusively online (which I absolutely love). I get to meet students from all over my state who may have otherwise not been able to take my class due to location challenges.

I had a new class session start the other night and a student who registered under a traditionally feminine name and who appeared very femme-presenting said that they go by a more masculine name and use he/him pronouns.

I have had dozens of trans and nonbinary students and I respect each and every one…

And I’m not quite sure why

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

If you’ve been living in the bliss of ignorance for the last few months, Medium recently rolled out a bonus program as part of the Medium Partner Program. Top writers in the program were awarded either $500, $100, or $50 as a bonus on top of the regular payments from their stories.

I was so excited that I was one of the top 1000 writers in April that earned an additional $500 as a bonus. That bonus was unexpected but greatly appreciated, and helped my husband and I buy a new car. In May, I was in the top 1001–1499…

I’m not speaking hyperbolically here

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

I’ve always said that writing is a skill, but anyone can do it. I believe that anyone can write well with enough practice, but anyone can write. Further, I think everyone SHOULD write; at least a little bit. Whether it’s a daily journal or blog, short stories, or lines of poetry in a spiral notebook, it’s healthy to get your ideas down.

I prefer to write on my computer but I used to write exclusively freehand. Both are going to provide that outlet. …

Enjoy the countryside with The Sims 4’s newest expansion

EA has officially announced the latest expansion for The Sims 4 in an exciting new gameplay trailer. Presented by Harold the llama, Cottage Living boasts a brand new world, new lots, and new interactions between Sims.

There’s more to it than just “I” and “they” and “you”

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

As a writer and reader of more than twenty years, I’ve learned a lot about semantics and verbiage and points-of-view. I’ve recently begun reading books that I never read as a kid, and I’ve noticed that many of these middle school to high school aged reads thrive on 3rd person narration.

I’ve always written in 1st person narrative, because it what has always felt most natural to me when writing fiction. However, while reading, I definitely have preferences among certain genres.

But which one is best? In short, it kind of depends on what you are trying to write. There…

I used to think I didn’t like video games until I played these

I only started really playing video games in the last few years. I didn’t grow up playing a whole lot of them besides Super Mario Sunshine with my dad on our old GameCube.

My husband is the one who really got me into video games and showed me a whole world of platforms and styles that I ended up loving. A lot of games we play together (many of them are story-based games like Life is Strange and The Walking Dead) but I started to branch out based on his recommendations. …

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