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I’m not confused, I’m just not paying attention. B.S. in English composition, Maryland driving instructor, and mental health advocate.

Updated monthly — August 2021

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Welcome to my little slice of Medium! I am a 25 year old teacher currently living in Maryland with my husband and our dog. I’ve been a professional writer for around three years now, both in personal essay as well as creative writing styles.

I write primarily about mental health and gaming, but I dabble in other topics such as relationships, humor, book reviews, and more. I try not to stick to a “niche” but rather write about whatever I’m interested in at a particular time.

Here are some articles I think you would like:

Most read article as of…

Thoughts on the Season of Selves announcement

Earlier this year, The Sims 4 team announced the release of “kits” which are basically mini-bundles of specific themed items that are only $5. The team started out by releasing three kits right off the bat — “Bust the Dust,” “Country Kitchen,” and “Throwback Fit” — which kicked off a massive conversation amongst Simmers: Is EA taking advantage of their consumers?

Currently there are a total of five kits available for purchase, the most recent two specifically aimed at builders in The Sims. …

I may be poor but I can still have the best day ever

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

1. Get engaged

Aaaaahhhhh! I cried and could hardly squeak out a “yes.” It was magical and beautiful and surrounded by family.

2. Don’t plan anything for nearly three years while you “save up money”

In reality, you just graduated from university and both you and your new fiancé are in incredible debt. Neither of you are working a full time job yet, and one of you comes down with Hepatitis A somehow and winds up in the hospital for three days. It’ll only bring you closer.

3. Finally decide to start planning a wedding

It’s been two and half years, it’s about damn time (according to your mother).

4. Determine a budget

We are zillennials, and will be 25 and 26 years old when we get married…

The pros and cons of self-diagnosis

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova from Pexels

I am a self-proclaimed hypochondriac. I’m not a germaphobe — I just pay close attention to my mental and physical health and look up the symptoms, and then discover diseases and disorders that parallel what’s happening to me. Sometimes the answers I get from WebMD are far-fetched — I know I don’t have cancer because of a headache — but often times I can form some kind of conclusion for how to (somewhat) properly treat myself from home.

My philosophy is that no one knows you better than you do. I knew all my adult life that I had ADHD…

I get paid either way, my loves

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

To my dear critics,

How are you doing today? I’m doing pretty well. It’s starting to feel like autumn where I live and I am totally a whore for fall. I love jean jackets and flannels and beanies. I can’t wait for October. But we aren’t here to talk about me, let’s talk about you.

When I told my dad that I was going to be writing about politics and my personal opinions on the Internet, his response was exactly what I was expecting: “You won’t be able to handle any criticism.”

He’s not entirely wrong; I’ve spent a good chunk of my life…

Let me rephrase: I am pro-abortion and anti-Texas

Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels

It’s 2016. I was living in my first apartment with some friends. I had just woken up from a nap. I was taking 19 credit hours for the semester and also working 25 hours per week at my job. It was Saturday afternoon and I was beat. I had spent most of the day scrolling through social media and watching TV, but passed out in the early afternoon.

When I woke up, it was dark outside and genuinely thought I had slept through until Sunday. I picked up my phone to see the time, and saw a series of Facebook…

I never know how to ask for a break when I need one

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

I live in America where mental health and disabilities are still highly stigmatized in the workplace. When I apply for a job, there’s often times a small survey about my demographics before submitting. It’ll include asking about race and heritage, veteran status, and whether I want to disclose that I have a disability.

I’ve struggled to come to terms with the word “disability” because I don’t see myself as disabled, at least not in the same way as a lot of other people. …

I was fine in quarantine…

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

I was diagnosed with ADHD in early 2020, just before Covid-19 spread to the United States. I was working two jobs; one as an optometric technician at an eye doctor’s office, and one as a teacher which I still have today. I was a little over a year past graduation from university and I was still trying to find my niche.

I have always had an inkling that I had some kind of neurological abnormality: As a kid I was very quiet, I read a lot, I spent any time outside of school in my bedroom where it was quiet…

Hear me out before you judge me

Photo by Supply on Unsplash

I’ve been shaving under my arms since I was around eleven years old. Soon after I began shaving my legs; I thought that was what I was supposed to do. That means that for approximately fourteen years I’ve been spending money and wasting time just about every day to remove hair that grows on my body by default.

I don’t need to tell you that hair growth is natural and cannot possibly be unsanitary unless you aren’t bathing regularly. Having hair is not inherently dirty. So when did shaving become something we started doing, specifically as women?

Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

Drivers all over the country are about to get a huge wake up call.

This week in her driver education course, local teenager Amanda makes a fascinating discovery, certain to change the lives of millions.

Classroom instructor Mrs. Smith asked the age old, yet obviously rhetorical, question, what do you do at an intersection?

“I’m not a genius, but I’m fairly certain that stop signs mean to stop,” Amanda said in the online class’s group message board during a discussion. Her instructor says that she was caught completely off guard. “No one had ever come to that conclusion before. Most…

M. R. Clark

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